About Us


We Are Iron Angels!

Our mission and origin is what sets us apart from all other athletic companies. Iron Angels was built from the hard work of a woman who aspired to pioneer a new and effective way of making fitness a fundamental part of life. Her main goal was to find and make active-wear that not only enhanced training, but also made women feel empowered, luxurious and sophisticated. 

Now joined by everyday leaders, our Iron Angels—epitomes of strength, power, and movement—we collectively strive to motivate and inspire women to be the best version of themselves each day! 

Our team is determined to gear you up for success; we aim to constantly find the latest technologies and fabrics from all around the world to enhance your workout performance and make your sportswear fit your lifestyle. In our collections, we include fitness clothes that motivates and inspires you as you pursue your fitness goals and find ultimate bliss in everything you do. 

Our Vision

The dream behind Iron Angels is to inspire and motivate others through leaders who join our squad. They are not just leaders, but pioneering individuals who want to share their personal fitness journey and who find passion in motivating others to get started or take their fitness game to the next level. We strive to provide added value through the dedication of our diverse team of empowered and motivated men and women from all around the world who share a vision that is similar, yet unique to each individual.

Our Mission

We generate opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for other marketable opportunities for their business and individuals who want to add another source of income. Through our company, we strive to promote social development, help individuals find their passion, start their business, and find autonomy and financial independence through entrepreneurship.

Another one of our top priorities is ensuring that we protect this beautiful home we have been given- earth. We are working towards sending your items in biodegradable packaging with minimal plastic and eventually using no plastic at all! We share our core values as this is part of who we are and we believe we can all make a change together if we are more environmentally conscious, so stay tuned for more!